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Daring Ukrainian move towards Krasnyi Luch at high costs

Several videos appeared reported to be recorded between Dmytrivka and Snizhne.

VIDEO #1 - reported August 12th, uploaded August 16th

Copy of video.

A screenshot from the video:

This can be linked to this photo from Panoramio.

From there, the route can be traced:

These are the vehicles:

Two tanks, two BTRs and two cars can be seen.

VIDEO #2 - uploaded August 15th, reported to be August 13th

Road of destruction. This is a long video that shows a lot of destroyed cars:

Copy of the video.

At 7:34 this statue can be seen:

A photo of this statue could be found in Panoramio:

And thus it can be linked to this location:

With this as a reference, the entire route can be determined:

And all the locations of wrecks:

Link to Google maps.

Wow! That was some road of destruction! Since most of the wrecks are personal cars, these must be from Russian terrorists and the Ukrainian army must have shot those.

Some of the wrecks:

A tank had been driving over that car!!

Anybody knows what these cylinders are? Most people answered that these were like LPG gas tanks, replacing normal petrol.

A T72 tank which Ukraine does not use. 

VIDEO #3 - uploaded August 16th

Link to copy.

The bushes and electrical poles help us to locate the route in this video:

On the map:

One BTR can be seen with a dozen mind behind it.

Followed by some more men and another vehicle. Either a tank or BTR. Not very clear.

VIDEO #4 - uploaded August 16th
A similar video somewhere at the same road (about 2 or 3 possible locations at the beginning of the road):

Link to copy.


They have one of the newest toys, a BTR-82-A:

VIDEO #5 - Uploaded August 16th, reported to be from August 12th

Link to copy.

Screenshots from video:


It is at the beginning of the same road. Link to Google maps.

@lennutrajektoor had been able to identify many weapon-systems in this last video:

The order in which these videos have been recorded matters. Did the tanks and BTRs appear BEFORE or AFTER the destruction? The videos are uploaded on the same day, but the first video is that of the destruction and the others where uploaded a bit later, but reported to be earlier.
It looks like this is the/a road that the Ukrainians used to quickly advance towards Kranyi Luch, were 'the cossacks fleed, like they always do', as Strelkov had reported. But after this bold move Russian reinforcements with the most modern equipment crossed the border near Marinovka, closed the gap and cut off the forward Ukrainian units. Since these are only two tanks and two BTRs, they probably are just a scout unit. With a heavier force and for sure artillery behind them.

Blue dotted line = Russian border
Purple dotted line = approximate front line
Light blue = 'road of destruction'
Big red arrows = attack and advance towards Krysnyi Luch
Red circle = Krysnyi Luch
Dotted red arrow = possible support from Ukrainian units from the East
Small red arrow = advance from known Ukrainian positions at that time.
Yellow arrow = Reinforcements from Russian border into Ukraine to close the gap behind forward Ukrainians

Alternative possibility
Some Russian units positioned near Dmytrivka with the fanciest equipment got beaten in the hard way after a quick and bold Ukrainian advance that conquered Krasnyi Luch.

This scenario does not seem likely to me at the moment. The Terrorussians would not be able to film the road of destruction like that if it was in Ukrainian control!
It does look like they retook it after the Ukrainian army had passed there.

UPDATE September 2nd
Basically Ukraine has been way too bold and lured into a death trap. Their units got cut off, encircled and destroyed. Here is a video of the aftermath:

UPDATE 12-6-2015
This article from Informnapalm shows this photo:

As can be understood from their article this is a 'selfie' from the 18th separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade. It can also be found on this Ukrainian website, where it shows the source of the photo:

The profile where this photo belonged to, has been deleted though. (For obvious reasons!)

The photo is taken at the northern statue seen in the photos/route above, at this location.

The people do not seem to match with the ones in the video, so it must have been a different team than the one the cameraman Aleksander Ivin travelled with.
Nevertheless it was taken WITHIN Ukraine.

The photos were uploaded on October 4th 2014. That's later than mid August when the videos were taken, but they could have been taken earlier and uploaded a lot later.

Nevertheless the Russian (!!!) 18th Motorized Rifle Brigade has spotted in Ukraine now and likely they or some of their other teams had been crossing the border to chase the Ukrainians in the back that had advanced towards Krasnyi Luch.

If you see errors or have additional info, please let me know.

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  1. Great, as non Ukrainian I was unable to locate these videos.
    For those who not understand differences between BTR-80 versions, I got infographics for you


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