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GRAPHIC: Ukrainian POWS captured, tortured and probably dead by now

The Russian DNR Militia that tortured and probably killed (at least) three Ukrainian POW's in Dmytrivka, East Ukraine.

A cooperative publication by @robpulsenews & this blog.

On August 2nd a rather disturbing video was published on YouTube by Alexander Ivin, a Russian fighting in Ukraine.

The video, date marked by Ivin 29th July 2014, appears to show three captured Ukrainian POW's being interrogated and having wounds attended to whilst being filmed (also by multiple people).

(Although disturbing, it's important to watch this video before continuing)

Throughout the video the captors mock and demean the Ukrainian POW's. The interrogators main line of questioning is to find our what their mission was and who their commanders were. The POW's seem visibly frightened; under duress; and look badly beaten up after having been tortured prior to filming.

Maybe his nose had just been broken?

Although the video pretends to show that they are taken care of:

Yet one of them has a fresh burn wound from a hot nozzle of a gun barrel:

The interrogator asks what it is and when finding out it was done by Russians, he laughed the matter away and says it is better not to talk about that.

Here is an example of nozzles that may have caused this:

Since it is a very specific pattern, maybe somebody knows what gun it must have been? Most barrels are round, but sometimes they are split like this one that is split in four:

He even touches and squeezes the wound deliberately:

At the end, when his friends are taken away, this boy breaks down:

This 'interrogator' seems to have been enjoying himself:

Note the specific tattoo:

Pretending to be nice to the guys they just beat up and were tortured:

The cloths from the POWs from behind:

Cameraman Alexander Ivin filming himself:

Note that he is missing a tooth. He must have lost it during the war, since he still had them before going to war.

The location
There is a distinctive building in the video:

It can also be seen on this website from before the war:

 It seems to be a Ukrainian Border Guard Base and now it has turned into a Terrorussian HQ.

The location is here: 

On a larger scale:

Yellow cross = Saur Mogila WWII monument.
Dotted blue line = border with Russia

Some photos from his page:

He seems to be good friends with mister interrogator:

He tried to run start a club in his hometown:

At that time he still had all his teeth?

With his mother in the club:

He was already friends with mister interrogator before they went to war:

Look at the tattoo on his right arm. It is the same as in the video: 

Another photo:

He had earrings, but obviously he had them removed and likely had an operation to restore it, since this is not preferable for a soldier:

So, Alexanders club must have failed. He may have gotten financial problems and the two of them decided to try their luck as mercenaries...?

Alexander also has this photo on his page:

In the middle mr. interrogator can be seen. This photo is used for Propaganda lies. They say these are some of the Ukrainian 'Nazi' soldiers in front of the Ukrainian IL-76 the day before it was shot down and 50 soldiers died.
So even before they went to war they were involved in military activity (maybe training?) and they had no problems producing lies for the cause.

Also Wikipedia shows that the number of the IL-76 that was shot down was UR-76777. This plane is different from the ones these guys are posing for:

(GRAPHIC) Dead people
Alexander has some disturbing photos of dead people on his page:

One of the photos is this one:

What's most disturbing about this photo is that the person in the front has two big holes through his skull and both are possibly burned, but only partially and the area on the ground around them is burned as well. So it is possible that they had been shot and then overthrown with petrol and set afire to make it look like war victims.

When discussing this matter with @RobPulseNews, I pointed out that maybe two of the POWs could be linked to those two dead people by showing him this photo:

The dead person in the front has a band on his back that may be just the one that the left POW is wearing. And the trousers of the one in the back is similar as that of the third person.

The next day Alexander had removed the photo from his profile:

As you can see there are only 9 photos of dead people left.

This is what happens when we tried to access the photo again (link found in history of Chrome):

I found the specific link to the photo in Chrome's history (and not just the page with the photo that now says it's deleted). The photo is still on VKs servers!!! See this link. But it may be removed of course when the FSB notices our awareness...

First we thought it was a coincident, but still a suspicious one, because why would Alexander specifically remove that photo? I argued: because that is the only photo that links him to as well the living and the dead POWs. Since we tweeted publicly about this matter, Ivin or the FSB might have noticed and they may have removed compromising content.

Later it was established that a concerted attempt was made to hack personal internet accounts including Rob's website, so now it is believed Russia's GRU may have had intelligence on us authors preparing this piece.
Remember how Russia deliberately attacked Rob's Warcrime blog and were initially even able to take it down. See this blog.

Yet a Google image search on the image still gave a result and it can be found here, together with other photos of dead people as well. WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC: see this link. That page is an update from a previous one. The previous one also has a photo from the same two people from a different angle. See this link.

There is also a photo of a female where clearly just the ground around her is burned.

Tarpaulins similar to those wrapped around bodies unearthed from Mass Graves in Slovyansk In the video two long tarpaulins can been seen laid out in parallel on the ground. The three POW's are standing on the edge of them.

Those tarpaulins appear very similar to those wrapped around the buried bodies of dead people recovered from mass graves in Slovyansk on 24th July and a week before this video was allegedly filmed: (screens from Vice News video report by Simon Ostrovsky)

Are these lying tarpaulins lying there to bury some of the people they kill?
Gunshot near end of video
At 4:55 in the video, a gunshot can clearly be heard while the camera appears blacked out. The camera then pans to reveal the last images before ending:

As the gunshot rings out the captors are heard asking the POW mockingly if he shot at them. He says not, and in reply his captors say that he might end up being shot. This mocking, demeaning attitude was typical throughout of the video.

The most likely outcome, based upon the evidence obtained during this investigation, is that all three POWs seen alive in the video, have been killed and disposed of. There is no evidence these men are still alive. Of course there may even have been more than these three.

Alexander Ivin and his fellow fighters have documented; witnessed; and taken part in these war crimes.

If you have ANY information about any of these people or this incident, please help by contacting via Twitter.


  1. He also has a FB:

  2. The picture of the barrel end that you are showing is probably a flash hider attached to the nozzle.
    It doesn't say anything about the weapon because for example on a traditional AK-47 you can press a pin and unscrew the muzzle brake to exchange it with another type.
    The rebels on the first photo are holding some AK variant with stamped receiver, which is very easy to make, your local bicycle shop can probably do it.


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