Thursday, March 3, 2016

Random graves from Ukrainian soldiers geolocated south of Dibrivka

This video uploaded on 29-7-14, shows Eduard Glazov, who back then was the leader of a Russian scout and sabotage group ‘Ryazan’. See this blog.

He is driving through Dibrivka and then passes this building with antenna:

It can be found here:

Red arrow = driving direction.

Next we see some dead Ukrainian soldiers:

And graves that are dug for them (behind Eduard):

The location is right at the corner of a tree line and a sunflower field.

Moments later he is on the phone and we see the surroundings.

This shot shows three islands of trees with the sunflower field to the left.

When the camera turns right, we see a not straight, but indented tree line along which the graves are (far right out of sight):

These characteristics can be matched with this location:

It means the graves must be at the location where the red arrow is pointing to. Google maps link.

When we zoom in, we see what might be wrecks:

But it is unclear from what date those are.

A couple of Ukrainian soldiers had been buried in the middle of fields, right where they had died. Probably they are registered as MIA and there family still don't know where they are.

Maybe OSCE can negotiate to have them exhumed.

Who knows how many more such random graves there are...

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