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Russians are introducing new batches of Russian inmates to the battlefield at Debaltseve

Skynews had bought 'exclusive footage' of ongoing battle near Debaltseve. See their article (with video).
The video is recorded on February 17th (or maybe on the 16th).

Note that ONLY the Russians are firing. Nobody ever shoots back and there are no impacts, nor is there any danger for anybody out there.
This is standard procedure when press from Russia's main channels are involved. These journalists will not risk REAL front line battle (since several already died doing that, such as Andrei Stenin). When you see these guys, 'battle' is almost always staged for the occasion.

This is the location where this video (as well as others) is shot.

It is in Chornukhyne and that part is already in Russian control since February 4th!

They fire into this direction:

As you can see, these are trees, railways, wagons and trees again.
On a larger scale it looks like this:

There is a big field behind it. With this position almost two weeks in control already, and almost all of Chornukhyne already taken, there are no Ukrainian troops anymore hiding in the wagons...
It means they are just firing into empty unoccupied space:

Blue areas = Ukrainian positions visible on Google Earth Sept 14th

Of course it is possible that Ukrainians are hiding in the forest, but that is 1,5 kms away anyways...

In this screenshot somebody is firing an RPG:

You can see he is aiming AT THE TREES which are only 20 meters away from this position.

The cameraman is so stupid to stand RIGHT BEHIND HIM!
So when the guy fires, he gets the blast right in his face:

That was the most dangerous moment in the whole footage!

Then they show how they get some Ukrainian ''POWs' out of the cellar:

They have to walk like this:

Which is like this on the map:

Another 'POW':

Check this situation:

While #1 is shooting, #2 passes IN FRONT of his gun...

Ok, that was another most dangerous moment!!!

YET... in the end people carry somebody in blankets:

They don't show what's going on.
This video from Graham Phillips DOES! And seems to be a REAL wounded soldier.

He already has bandages and comes from the other end of the street (NOT from the location where the 'fighting' and filming is).

Either he comes from the REAL front line and is being brought here to the safe zone, or this was another careless dangerous moment where somebody DID get hurt. As in this case for instance:

In another video from Graham we can see him interviewing a 'POW' in front of the cellar door:

The guy has tears in his eyes. That seems real!

Another cameraman filmed this video at the same location (with english subtitles):

Exactly the same problem here: nobody shoots back. No impacts, no danger, only Rambo-style shooting into empty space.

The story is like this: Ukrainian troops want to surrender, but then they get attacked by the 'Ukrainian barrier squad':

Happily the brave Russian saviors, risking their own lives, come to their rescue and take them away to safety:

Ok, so what is Colonel Vitaly Kiselev, 'Deputy Commander of LNRs Ministry of Defense' doing here? He is at the FRONT LINE rescuing Ukrainian POWs while under attack? Yeah right! He would be a very brave AND stupid man then!
Well he is NOT, of course. This is a (relatively) safe zone. He is just commenting the reality show they are staging here for the viewers at home.

He goes on: "They know POWs are being evacuated and they are trying to attack them now. Their friendlies. We are providing covering fire so they won't be able to shoot them. We are taking them out and evacuating them from here right away. They have no chance, they all are surrounded as well. 24 men."

Look at the map again. How are they surrounded with an open field of 1,5 kms in front of them and at whom are they shooting then if they are surrounded? It makes no sense. This is a propaganda nonsense story.

Mr. Rambo himself was also invited:

He is standing upright on the middle of a road before an open field and hip-fires a heavy machine gun. This happens in movies, not on the battle field when you get fired at.
And that's what this is: a movie!

Everybody is happily drinking tea near the house:

including disguised general Lentsov (or his twin brother FSB colonel Nurulin Nail; whatever version you want to believe).

Then the 'POWs' come:

He is a good actor, not knowing which bus to take, while pointing to one of the cars that are all lovely parked out there:

This seems real. He really does not know what car to go to.
These things are NOT scripted (take 1; take 2; take 3 etc.). Everything is filmed AS IT HAPPENS.

He walked like this:

From the Skynews-video we know he got out of the cellar where they 'kept them'. And thus we also understand NOBODY WAS SHOOTING AT THEM (at least if they did not walk behind a firing RPG or in front of one of their own while shooting!).

You can see the Russian press is here (left guy) and the 'white guy' is just standing there as a dummy. In another video he had also been Rambo-shooting a machine gun, but obviously he ran out of ammo now.

More 'POWs':

it looks as if this guys hands are tight on his back. But oeps, they are not:

How many guys did they put in that cellar? 24?

This video is a bit longer version of the previous one and surprisingly it DOES show a 'POW' with a beaten up face:

Now THAT is the normal treatment POWs get. They ALWAYS have beaten up faces. So this guy looks very real too.

This video is from Rossiya 1 recorded at the same event.

You can even see the reporter running to the shed where he was seen in the other video:

Also 'POWs' coming from the cellar can be seen:

That video also has the now famous shot from disguised Lenstov/look-alike Nail directing operations here:

Another POW:

Next thing is that there are many videos of POWs at another location, like this one:

They are filmed here:

Google maps link.

On a larger map you can see where it is (large red ellipse) compared to the first location (small red circle):

When you freely walk around like that, it means the front line must be far away enough. It may have been somewhere like the dotted red line at least (if not even further into Debaltseve).

Again... Graham and many other journos are here and filming all extensively.

As I stated earlier, this is a very unusual situation. The POWs are treated way too nice compared to other torture and public humiliations we have seen before.

For instance, this guy looks disturbed and is reluctant to talk:

But he does NOT have Ukrainian markings, NOR looks battle fatigued, NOR is beaten up.

Another one:

He looks VERY clean, IS disturbed and is reluctant to talk.
Same here:

They carry two people who DO seem to be dead:

Guy missing a tooth:

Another one with bad dental care:

We see this A LOT!!! Many RUSSIAN 'soldiers' have such bad teeth:

Now compare them with these REAL Ukrainian soldiers from Debaltseve on Feb 15th:
Here are photos from REAL Ukrainian soldiers returning from Debaltseve battle field:

There is something really strange going on here, because things don't add up. There is something wrong...

Let's summarize:
  1. The fighting in the videos is staged and for effect in the videos only. They shoot rambo-style at trees, wagons and into empty space.
  2. The location where they film is a safe zone. Lot's of media is there including high ranked officers.
  3. A real wounded soldier is brought there to get treatment and being taken away.
  4. It is really strange that 24 Ukrainian soldiers would have been in a cellar for almost two weeks in the middle of an area controlled by the Russians before they decide to surrender and THEN get shot at by fellow Ukrainians...
  5. There seem to be some real 'POWs' there. Real fear, real reluctance to talk, real I-ended-up-in-a-bad-situation-looks on their faces.
  6. Most of the 'POWs' are treated too well. Allowed to carry their bags. Don't have beaten up faces.
  7. They seem to carry 2 real dead comrades.
  8. The 'POWs' from location 1 can not be matched with those from location 2. They seem to be different groups.
  9. They do not look like Ukrainian soldiers.
So WHAT is going on here?

I have a theory that explains ALL...

These are fresh batches of RUSSIAN INMATES who got 'amnesty' in exchange for fighting as a soldier and thus send to the front line.
And this event is part of their 'hazing'...

To understand what I am saying, you HAVE to read this blog. As explained there, the hazing of Russian soldiers is really brutal. What do you think the hazing of Russian inmates will look like?

So a bus-load of them is send to a relatively safe location. They already have been intimidated and a lot and some of them had been treated really bad, hitting him in the face and such. They are being put in a cellar and then hell breaks loose... Shooting all around them. They have to get out of the cellar. get back again. Are interrogated by Graham (which is pure psychological torture in itself). They have to pretend they are Ukrainian POWs and must say bad things about the Ukrainian army and their commanders. They know it is a lie, but heh...
Then they are told to run and 'get in the bus'... well you get the picture.

It is possible that two of the second batch were really shot dead as an example. Maybe those where loud-mouths. Maybe those where disobedient and a 'decree' had been issues to execute them as happened in this example.

Meanwhile all this is filmed AS IF these are Ukrainian POWs. And the event is used for propaganda.

If Skynews paid for this footage, they paid for a horrible fake and they are supporting terrorists.

Alternative explanations
These are real Ukrainian POWs used in a staged propaganda setting. Russian media decided to have a charm-offensive after all publicity about how bad they treat them. Now they show the world how nice they actually are to POWs. They forced real Ukrainian POWs to act in a staged setting.

Well... it IS possible of course, but I do not believe this. Russians treat Ukrainian POWs like dogs. They humiliate them, beat them up really bad, throw them on their knees, let them bleed to death, torture them, execute them, parade them through the city while getting kicked. That habit is not all of a sudden changed with one of their largest victories after Minsk I.

But their own zombie-inmate-army... they can treat them bad too, but not TOO bad, because they still need them to fight for them as cannon fodder for their next offensive.

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