Friday, December 19, 2014

Russia transported T-64A tanks into Ukraine first half of december

This photo shows a t-64 transport in Russia:
Link to photo.
Link to original.

The next photos show the same transport:
This tweet with link to location on Google Maps shows this transport was indeed near Sambek before Taganrog in Russia:

This is a video from this transport:

These screenshots show some distinctive markings on the sides of these tanks:

These markings can also be seen on this tank:

Or this one:

Link to photo - Link to original.

The location of these photos is here:

Link to Google maps.
The environment on the background matches this location:

This photo has the exact same position:

Link to photo - Link to original.

Some building like that can be seen at that crossing, so the photo could very well have been taken like this:

Red = tent in the bushes. Blue = camera position.

There is a telephone number on the building, which can also be seen in this advertisement:

Which is in Sverdlosk region. The same area as where the photos were reported:

So this is a confirmation that the location is correct.

This is another photo of one of these T-64As:

Link to photo - Link to original.

The geotag is at exactly the same crossing.

JUST IN: And here is the final proof. A video of exactly that location with the tanks and the building:

Russia has been transporting T-64A tanks into Ukraine in the first half of December.

Also see this:

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