Friday, December 12, 2014

Russians film their own large columns on the move in Ukraine...

This video is obviously filmed by the Russians themselves to give the impression that they retreat. But of course they could easily take the next turn back.


Videos are filmed by a SOLDIER from within a military truck. Yes it happens more often that soldiers put selfies online that expose their location. But not in such a way that they inform us about the next attack they are going to make.

To Mariupol
That giraffe truck has been spotted more than once in Donetsk region:
So these are definitely vehicles in East Ukraine.


These videos have been filmed in very close proximity to the convoy. A soldier/cossack can be seen next to the cameraman. The video is recorded with TWO cameras and it is smartly edited in such a way that it appears there are more.

All these videos are filmed by the Russians!! Video #1 by a reporter. Video #2 and #3 by a soldier/ Video #4 and 5 are filmed with two camera's, cut, edited. In general amateurs/civilians do not edit their videos.

So clearly the Russians WANT US to see that they are moving. Texts on tanks like 'To Mariupol' should ALWAYS be ignored. They do not reveal their current battle plan.

My impression is that the Russians want to make us believe that they are retreating their troops.

Well... mr. Putin and mr. Lavrov... we ONLY believe that if we see these tanks driving in Rostov... NOT somewhere in Ukraine!!!

This image shows ALL vehicles from VIDEO #2 (going from top right to bottom left):

These are:
  1. Ural without hood towing gun
  2. small car
  3. Ural with hood towing gun
  4. Ural with hood
  5. BMP
  6. Ural with hood
  7. Ural with hood
  8. Kamaz with hood
  9. Ural without hood
  10. BMP
  11. Ural with hood
  12. Ural with hood
  13. square car
  14. Kamaz with hood
  15. Kamaz ZU-23
  16. BMP
  17. car
  18. BMP
  19. Ural with hood
  20. BMP
  21. BMP
  22. ??
  23. BMP
There are only two trucks towing a gun and the first is an Ural without a hood. 

In VIDEO #4 there is one such Ural at 00:49. From there, the order is like this:
  1. Ural without hood towing gun
  2. Ural with hood towing gun
    -cut in video-
  3. BMP
  4. Ural with hood
  5. Ural with hood
  6. Ural with hood
  7. Kamaz with hood
    - cut -
  8. square car
  9. BMP
  10. Ural with hood
  11. Ural with hood
  12. van with hood
  13. Ural with hood
  14. Kamaz (possibly with ZU-23
  15. BMP
  16. car
  17. BMP
  18. BMP
  19. BMP
  20. BMP
    - cut -
  21. BMP
  22. BMP
  23. BMP
  24. Ural with light hood
  25. Ural with hood
  26. Ural with hood
  27. Ural with hood towing gas

Now these two orders can be matches like this:

Only four vehicles need to find another place to match up. And then two vehicles are not accounted for, but these occur exactly where there is a cut in the video, so these might have been missed, or deliberately cut out.

Videos #2, #3, #4 and #5 all show parts of the same convoy!!!

UPDATE 20-12
A new movie appeared with the tanks seen above, where one has broken down and gets assistance from others to get towed:
This is at a gas station near Starobesheve:

The tanks are facing into the direction of Mariupol. There were rumors that a vehicle had broken down at that time, so likely this one was it.

Therefore this video must have been filmed BEFORE the videos above. Unfortunately this means it does not tell us anything about where these tanks are now...

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