Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Second MH17 BUK trail photo from July 17th

Here is a copy of the original second photo of the BUK missile trail that had shot down MH17:

Download copy of original photo (4928 x 3264 pixels).

EXIF information has been removed so it will not be able to trace it back to the photographer.

Russian Propaganda Trolls have long argued that this photo was fake, because there were clouds above the area and those were not visible in the first photo.
This second photo clearly shows how there are indeed clouds above the area, which is compatible with the weather conditions at that time and day. The first photo had zoomed in on the horizon where only haze was apparent.

Also see an interview with the photographer.
Also see the wheater conditions at the launch site.
Also see how I based on the first photo determined the launch location.

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