Friday, March 20, 2015

Never published before satellite images of Russian BUK battery near Ukraine border

On special request @finriswolf published satellite images of BUK units near the Ukrainian border at the level of Marinovka, close to the MH17 launch site.

At this moment it is not very clear from these images that these are indeed BUKs. But @finriswolf promised to send some better images.
When available, we'll let you know.

This position is a little bit South of the position where very clear VK-photos had appeared of BUK vehicles. See this blog.

Of course they reposition them once in a while.

The exact date of the satellite images is not revealed, but falls within 'a number of weeks of July 17th'.
With these exact coordinates an interested party with good money may want to buy these images themselves...

Remember: when BUKs are within operational range to connect and communicate with each other, it would be very illogical NOT to make such a connection. It is safe to assume that if they could connect, they indeed did.
That shows the command to launch the rocket must have come from Russian territory.

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Now Yandex shows these images in its full glory!! Check it out here.
Take note of the white tips of the missiles:

Some more (other kind of) vehicles can be seen closeby:

Link to Yandex maps.

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