Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The true story about 'the captured tank'. Did it cross the border or not?

Reports had been out that the rebels captured another tank from the Ukrainians after earlier three T-64Bs and some GRADs already had been crossing the border from Russia.

There are two movies of the tanks:

This first one is taken on a path with a forest on the background.

Here the tank is standing besides a villa in some village.

InterpreterMagazine has a transcript of the interview in this 2nd video. But take note that such 'eyewitness reports' tend to be very wild and exotic and a form of propaganda. For instance: the tank has been transported next to the house, so the battle did not take place near the house...

Here is a distinctive building in the video:

This location can be found here in Google maps (thanks to 5urpher):

The tank has been spotted two days earlier in Shchastya on June 15th:

A distinctive sign has been noticed on the tank:

This has also been identified:

The story now goes something like this:

When the tank appeared, a sniper took out the periscopes and other essentials, as can be seen in this picture:

This made the tank and virtually blind and useless to operate. The tank crew fired at the sniper once at it's approximately position but eventually had to abandon it. They said they disabled the tank further, but how this has been done is not known.
Since the first video is near a forest and the second near a house, probably it can still drive. So maybe now it cannot shoot anymore.

With all this knowledge it is very likely that the initial location of the tank (as in the first video) was down the path opposite of the house, like this:

This would give the sniper an excellent view at the tank. And (after turning) the tank could have been shooting once at the house.

In the battle on June 17th 15 soldiers had been killed, 7 wounded and 13 are missing (surrendered, captured, not found yet).

Those are HEAVY losses ...

This tank has been disabled during a battle and was abandoned. It was neither 'captured', nor did it cross the border from Russia.

Nevertheless wild propaganda stories are still being told about this tank:

So be aware ...

UPDATE 23-6: it has been seen driving in Lugansk. See report here.

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