Saturday, June 28, 2014

What ATO has been doing during the ceasefire

While there was a ceasefire for a week several movies have been made of units operating alongside the border. Here they are.

Marinovka 21-6


Chervonopartyzansk 18-6 and 20-6
In an earlier report we have similar videos and fighting going on at the Chervonopartyzansk border crossing.

Krasnodon/Izvaryne 20-6

And on 27-6:

Here are the locations of the cameras and positions of the vehicles:

Since at similar dates there are units operating at three different locations, it means three different units are at these locations and not just one moving alongside the border:

No units have been spotted near the Dolzhanskyi border crossing (at the question mark), but it is likely that one would be there too.

Especially the Krasnodon/Izvaryne area is problematic. On June 20th 30 vehicles crossed that border in the very early morning when it was still dark WHILE the Ukrainian army was in the area.

On June 27th locals have spotted even some more vehicles crossing the border.

Militants have been shelling the border crossing and as a result the border guards had to abandon it. Here is a movie from 26-6 of the current state of it:

This news report show a bit of the work that is being done in Kharkov region:

The Ukrainian army is making a real good effort in trying to close the borders with at least three substantial forces patrolling the areas. But it is not enough to close the gaps yet.


  1. Look at this video -
    It's moving of some group of vehicles somewhere. Can be related

  2. Yes, it is another video near Marinovka published June 28th. Thanks.


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