Friday, June 20, 2014

Open Russian invasion into Ukraine has begun

A lot of messages came in of Russian units infiltrating the Ukrainian border today.

This map shows what we know:

An invasion column of initially 42 vehicles entered Ukraine at Krasnodon, traveled through Lugansk and ended up in Horlivka. On the way it may have split into smaller units.
See this link for: all the spotted locations and consistence of the columns.
Last sighting has been in Horlivka.

Last night he army base at Artyomosk has been attacked, but it was repelled. It is the biggest tank depot in Europe. This was meant as a cover up, so Russia could say the invasion vehicles were captured from the army base.

11 BMDs where spotted in Gukova 2 days earlier on June 18th, probably to counter the Ukrainian attack force that was recapturing the border crossings.
Read about the BMDs here.
Read about Ukraine recapturing the border crossings here.

A train with dozens of tanks, armor and trucks has been spotted in Millerovo (24 tanks and other armored vehicles, 8 trucks and two jeeps):

These for sure are spotted in Millerovo:

Lugansk airport has been surrounded by heavy armor.

Helis have been seen flying towards Ukraine and reported to have landed at Amvrosiivka


An attempt to cross the border at Marinovka has been repelled.

Earlier on June 15th some 200 vehicles already have been spotted in Novoshakhtinsk. Most of them were support trucks. See this article.

Are we really going to let Russia take whatever it wants?

People: THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! There are many more troops right at the border. Putin will send as many as needed and circumstances allow. BUT HE WILL NOT STOP, because he knows NOBODY IS GOING TO STOP HIM.
USA: powerless and indecisive right now.
Europe: divided and too many economical ties with Russia.
NATO: trying to stay out of the conflict.
Ukraine: very unexperienced and still corrupt/unmotivated in large parts.

Also see: My interpretation of these events.

(If you have corrections or additions, please let me know.)

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  1. The photos of "the Artyomovsk tank base" contain at least one photo of a Kharkov repair factory (see the 8th photo at ).


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