Thursday, May 22, 2014

Volnonavkha: this is why it is so dangerous to film Ukrainian positions.

This is the reason why it is so dangerous to film Ukrainian checkpoints.

On May 21th a video was recorded from the Ukrainian checkpoint between between Olginka & Blahodatne:

Today in the morning at 4:50 they were attacked by a group of 20 men. The battle lasted for 15 minutes.

This is the result shortly after the attack filmed by a driver passing the scene. Notice there is only one ambulance and very little people around.

After a while some helicopters come in for assistence. Notice that when they arrive the smoke is already there, indicating that they arrive AFTER the attack.

In the helicopter video a big explosion can be seen.
Just a little bit later than the previous video but before the big explosion a soldier who is hiding at the scene starts filming:

At the end of this video it can be seen that there are two ambulances any many people walking around. Therefore this happened at a later stage.

This is a soldier giving a report on what happened:

In the end 16 people died and 30 were wounded.

Again: this is why it is so dangerous to film Ukrainian positions!!!

In this video rebels admit and tell they attacked the checkpoint.

Also see: video break down of helicopter attack.
Must read: the helicopter attacked the green van while still looting.


  1. Thanks so much for your posts and analyses! I am an avid geopolitics reader and just found your blog researching this tragic attack yesterday.

    Unfortunately I have to agree with a comment I've read elsewhere: This is what you get when you send young kids with only 4 days of training to battle. How unprepared, unaware, dangerously relaxed and "idiotic" these "kids" were with the positions, posturing and allowing to be filmed like that!

    Weren't ANY experienced, senior officer with them??? Or all officers are also untrained idiots who have no clue about basic military tactics??? I am baffled, angry and deeply saddened by this tragic loss. I just hope that this will be a wake-up call to the Ukrainian army and other defenders and get themselves together before it's too late...

    Thanks again; you've gained yourself a follower. BTW; your geo-location analyses are amazing - I truly hope some with the Ukrainian army or their "helpers" (hint - US/EU special ops) have at least this much capability and manpower scouring those videos for info like this. Have you tried to share those info with someone on the Ukrainian side?

  2. This guy's were "mobilized" people. That means they have already been in military service. Experience of an officer as well as a supplies quality was very bad, and is greatly discussed here in Ukraine. As you can see in this video officer contacts army headquarters with a domestic phone. Some say our army is helpless because of Yanukovich ruined it for a long time with a help of Russian specialist, put on posts as high as a minister of defense. Sorry for my poor English.


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